It's time to write the next chapter

in your mother-daughter story.

You are connected to each other...but not FULLY ALIGNED.

You love her with your whole being...but don't feel you have the MEANINGFUL connection you desire.

You followed advice and got your daughter a therapist to guide her through the teen years.


Someone told you this was necessary because teen girls don't talk to their moms.


Not true.

The person she really needs is YOU.

Her CONFIDENT MOTHER is the person who teaches her how to be a woman in this world.

You have a gift to offer your daughter, the UNBREAKABLE BOND you've been building since birth.


And she needs you NOW MORE THAN EVER.

A mother who is GROUNDED in her truth and will guide her through every milestone.


Any professional that tells you different is just plain wrong.


A therapist won't be there when she gets her first job, on her wedding day, or after the birth of her child.

If your relationship is anything less than you want, these moments will be cause pain rather than joy.

Having a unbreakable bond with your mother or daughter

is not a nice to have, it's a must have.

"If you want to become an unstoppable mother-daughter team, Hilary Truong is the woman to link arms with."

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I believe you are the perfect person to mother your daughter and it's time to take your relationship to the NEXT LEVEL.

Even if you don't know how, when you TRUST yourself

and your guide on this journey.

ELEVATING YOUR RELATIONSHIP invites you to connect with each other in a more honest and gentle way.

Together we will take a beautiful journey to heal past breakdowns to make you an unstoppable team,

moving seamlessly through life as you navigate challenges and celebrate joy from a place of LOVE. 


Imagine 90 days from now enjoying your absolute best relationship and preparing for experiences like you've never had before. 


From an in-depth understanding of what is getting in the way, to healing any breakdown with the ultimate goal of savoring all that life has to offer together.


The next chapter of your story has just begun.

"As soon as I met Hilary, her passion for helping mothers and daughters heal their relationship and strengthen their bond was immediately evident. The more I got to know Hilary, the more impressed I became with her depth of understanding and professionalism."



Results that can be expected

  • Spending time together doing nothing other than being yourself.

  • Blame and guilt released.

  • Trusting your gut instinct and feeling empowered to do so.

  • Protecting your bond as you move through life's milestones.

  • Loving the time you get to connect.

  • Being able to freely speak your mind without fear of judgement.

  • Having a deep, confident knowing of how to mother your daughter.

  • Savoring holidays together.

  • Daughters turning to mothers for support, knowing its only love.

  • Partners and siblings freed from mediator position.

  • Hurtful mother-daughter patterns released.

  • No more judgement of life choices.

  • Freedom to just be yourself.

  • Growing into an unstoppable duo that always play for the same team.

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support group for moms.jpg

I’m so happy to read my letter to myself from before we started and see that I’m there. Pretty much done a 180 and I’m thrilled about that, it’s a concrete measure of our progress. She will be coming over for Thanksgiving and I will be caring for her upcoming surgery. This was not possible last year."

- Lori

I’m Hilary, and I'm leading a 

Mother-Daughter Revolution

I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers and daughters to help them understand their breakdown and heal their pain to create a relationship they truly love. My clients are peacefully spending holidays together, enjoying their grandchildren again, looking forward to their next visit or phone call and navigating life together from a place of understanding.

I’ve become known for helping mothers and daughters who not only can get along but know exactly why they’ve struggled and have forged a new path forward. No more week after week in the therapist’s office for years on end. We get your relationship turned around in three months. If you follow what I tell you, you will have the best relationship you've ever had.

Working with some of the most driven and successful women on the planet, my clients don't just settle for OK. They want AWESOME. They want FULFILLING. They want AMAZING when it comes to their mother or daughter. When they come to me they are often so tired and verging on hopeless after struggling on their own. I specialize in helping women bring love and joy to the forefront to become an unstoppable mother-daughter team moving through life on their terms.


My clients learn to use their BRAVE voices to create MEANINGFUL transformations and DISRUPT the status quo in their relationships. They’re the heroes. The changemakers. The ones who will let their guard down to heal their hearts.


If you are absolutely ready to have your most aligned, fulfilling and loving relationship with your mother or daughter, you are in the right place. If you do the work, you'll have the results. End of story.

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"We don't just guide you,
we create legacies."