What if your most precious family heirloom wasn't an item at all?

Rather the beautiful legacy of mothers and daughters who move through all of life's milestones feeling nothing but understood and loved.

At Hilary Mae Co. we are changing the narrative for the mother-daughter relationship.


Here we are rewriting the mother-daughter narrative

for the next generation of daughters.

Heirloom Experiences invite mothers and daughters to slow down and savor their relationship while feeling how much deeper they can go to enjoy the best relationship of their lives.

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Join me on a beautiful journey that brings your relationship to the next level to make you an unstoppable force,

moving seamlessly through life as you navigate challenges and celebrate joy from a place of true connection

Imagine a world where mothers and daughters understand each other on the deepest level. One where women no longer feel the pressure to fit in or around other's expectations of them.

This is the world I live in and invite you inside.

 Enjoy your absolute best relationship while creating the most beautiful legacy for every daughter who follows in your footsteps.

The next chapter of your story has just begun.

Hilary is best in the world at curating a storyboard of heirloom quality experiences to create memories that are passed onto daughter and granddaughter.

 I’m Hilary,The Mother-Daughter Concierge

I am honored to have worked with some of the most accomplished and successful women on the planet.


My clients don't just settle for average.


They want AWESOME. They want FULFILLING.


They want to SAVOR life beyond education, career and accolades.


They want the MOST loving relationships.


They are driven to leave an IMPACT on the world and a LEGACY that will be felt for generations.


If you are ready to celebrate, to expand your bond and love for each other, this is the only place.


A world's first for mothers and daughters. 


The deepest pleasure and friendship with your mother or daughter is all we do here.


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Heirloom Experiences

One of the most beautiful and beloved relationships in our lives is the one between mother and daughter. Hilary Mae Co's Heirloom Experiences invite you to need no excuse to mother-daughter together. Here we are going all out and having the most fun experiences together. Nurturing, wisdom, love and fun; your relationship grows beyond our wildest dreams. Invite your mother or daughter to join you on a journey that will take your relationship to back to where you always envisioned it would be. Your life will never be the same after you've strengthened your bond.

Your Experience Curator

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Private Concierge

When mothers or daughters want to write  the next chapter in their story and learn how to navigate their new roles, Hilary Truong is the guide they link arms with. She acts as your personal concierge to guide you into the next stage of your close relationship. Maybe your daughter is transitioning to the next phase in life and you want to navigate this stage in your relationship with confidence. Whether that's adolescence, going to college, moving out, having her first baby, getting married...these are all sacred milestones that can be navigated seamlessly with a confidante by your side. 

After speaking to you once, I didn’t know that our relationship would turn out to be as great as it has. Deciding to invest in our relationship was the best thing we have done. It wasn’t a now or never situation but with each passing day, I knew it would be in our best interest to figure out a solution sooner or later. I did not want to spend another day fighting/arguing with my mom. We clearly lacked the tools we needed to communicate our needs and understand each other. Thank you again, Hilary, for everything! 

- Natalie

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