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What happens to us as mothers and daughters is bigger than all of us.

Which means our struggle with each other is often a result of something we didn't even know we were missing.

Maybe you didn't get what you needed from your mother and want to do it differently with your daughter.

Maybe you're a daughter feeling tired of not living up to the expectations of your mother.

Maybe you're feeling like you're failing this mothering thing (trust me, if you're reading this, you're not).

Maybe you're feeling like your problems are so big that it's too late to repair this.

Maybe you're a young woman who is falling victim to the pressure of fitting into our patriarchal society

but you really want to rebel and start living a life you love.

It's time to solve what is holding you back from

having a relationship you love.

Because what I know for sure is that when we know better, we do better

You're ready to feel heard and understood.

To have relationships that fulfill you.

You're ready for a plan to bring you closer and feel whole again.

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Together we will:

Find solutions to your mother-daughter relationship conflict and emotional struggles.

Help you use your voice so that you can advocate for what you need in all of your relationships.

Understand the causes of the conflict in your mother-daughter relationship.

Know how to communicate your needs so that you stop feeling like you're asking for too much.

Experience healing of your unmet needs in a safe space where you feel heard and understood. 

Build a strong, emotionally connected relationship that serves you.

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Here's what I know for sure about what we need in our Mother-Daughter relationships...

Feeling Heard + Understood = Being Loved

When I work with clients we focus on this equation,
and we get LIFE CHANGING results

(it also helps that I'm a trained therapist so I can hear what's really going on).
You’re ready to make a change, feel more confident in your decisions and responses to others, and finally have the relationships you deserve...and I’m so excited to help you get there.


Private Coaching Package Collections

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Your four month coaching experience that invites you to put yourself first and finally feel taken care of. This is the time to learn your true value, beauty and worthiness as a woman and a mother. Spend the next four months with me right by your side, sharing everything I know to strengthen your relationship with your daughter and with yourself.

This isn't therapy, so you get full access to me outside of our biweekly meetings to gain support and clarity in the moments you really need it. I become a regular part of your everyday, I am there for you right when you need me!

Let's connect and co-create your journey to mothering on full, with support, self-love and a confident knowing of your wants and your daughter's needs. 

Packages start at $1300/mo

One of the best ways to reach the next generation of women is to empower them to put themselves first, speak their truth and ask for what they need. Before they become mothers and fall victim to the myth that we can "do it all". 


This isn't therapy, so clients get full access to me outside of our biweekly meetings to gain support and clarity in the moments they really need it. I become a regular part of their everyday, there for them right when they need me!


What can you accomplish with your own life coach by your side for the next fifteen weeks? For starters, let's help you love your most authentic self and start owning it, Queen!

Packages start at $1300/mo

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A lot can happen in a few months...

let's get you the results you're hoping for (but think are out of reach)

Hey there,
I'm Hilary

Culture tells us the that the mother daughter relationship is supposed to be hard, riddled with conflict and disappointment. But I am here to tell you that this is simply not true, mothers and daughters are biologically wired for connection and the problem lies in us accepting this myth.

So right off the bat, give yourself permission to let go of any guilt or shame. There are real solutions to the common problems mothers and daughters face. I see it time and time again. Selfless mothers. Daughters feeling pressure to meet the needs and expectations of well-intentioned mothers. 

For generations mothers and daughters have fought to be known by each other. There are real reasons for this, that are bigger than all of us. It's time to develop a real knowing about your relationship and find peace, darling. 

I only work with a select number of mothers and daughters each year. Schedule your free call so we can chat about your needs and determine if it feels like a good fit. 


“I’ve been able to analyze a lot of her behaviors with your help. Connecting with her and responding rather than my old reacting has really, really helped. Thank you genuinely for all your support. It’s been an amazing help to us.”

- KS



“I got this insight from you, Hilary Truong, thank you. I learned so much and it has even improved my relationship with my own mother.”

- CH


"Thank you so much Hilary, it's been a really lovely support and I have learnt so much from you. You have a wealth of valuable knowledge and a warmth with which you connect with your moms. It has been a very enriching experience and given me mothering confidence!"

- AB