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Hilary Truong is the world’s leading expert on helping women create connection and understanding in their mother-daughter relationships.


She works with clients all around the world to help them grow into an unstoppable team and build their mother-daughter legacy while enjoying the relationship they deserve.



Laura shares about her experience being one of Hilary’s private clients with her 18 year old daughter. 


“I know we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t worked with you. She’ll be my daughter as long as I’m alive and I’ll be her mother forever, it’s such an important relationship and definitely worth the investment.

“You see Hilary’s posts and you think ‘oh that would be nice with my daughter’ but it really is so much more. It has that ripple effect and improves so many things. I don’t think you can put a price tag on that. If you’re seeing it and feeling it, don’t wait, just do it. Because things will get better rather than not doing it and things get worse. It’s never too late. You won’t even know if you do this now all the things you probably won’t end up going through because it’s preventative measures. A good relationship with your child is for life.”

Natalie shares the transformation she and her mother had after working together to learn how

to truly listen to each other

"As soon as I met Hilary, her passion for helping mothers and daughters heal their relationship and strengthen their bond was immediately evident. The more I got to know Hilary, the more impressed I became with her depth of understanding and professionalism. I am honored that Hilary trained to become a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach and a Women’s Power Circles Facilitator."




"Thank you so much Hilary. I grew so much in the past year and you helped me so so much in my relationship with my mom and so much in the relationship with myself. Thank you so much for everything."

- IO


“Up until these sessions my daughter refused to listen to me at all. She told her father she didn’t want to listen because she didn’t want to feel guilty. But I wasn’t trying to make her feel guilty, I wanted to get her to understand what was wrong. And she’s listening to me's been fabulous."

- LR


"Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate you choosing this life's work. It's been just wonderful working together."

- NR

"After speaking to you once, I didn’t know that our relationship would turn out to be as great as it has. My mom and I were hesitant at first because 3 months feels like a short amount of time. But deciding to invest on our relationship was the best thing we have done. It wasn’t a now or never situation but with each passing day, I knew it would be in our best interest to figure out a solution sooner or later. I did not want to spend another day fighting/arguing with my mom. Honestly I can’t thank you enough. You’ve helped us overcame what felt like impossible for us."

- Natalie

mother daughter love.jpg

Thank you again for the gorgeous basket- the level of thought you put into your programming is incredible and is so warm and welcoming.  My sister in law is visiting and sees several therapists for her daughters and was like "what???  your therapist/coach came to your house and delivered this amazing gift?? Who does that???"  and I said "Hilary does."

- Lisa

“I've learned that there has to be a level of self-preservation in this wifing and mothering thing. We give so much to everyone and if you don't establish boundaries it's going to go down a bad path." 

- Marie

"I got this insight from you, Hilary Truong, thank you. I learned so much and it has even improved my relationship with my own mother."

- Charice

"If only we had Hilary whispering in our ears during our interactions with our girls ☺️"

- Valerie

“I’ve been able to analyze a lot of her behaviors with your help. Connecting with her and responding rather than my old reacting has really, really helped. Thank you genuinely for all your support. It’s been an amazing help to us.”

- Katie