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Our circle helps self-doubting and disconnected girls find connection and confidence through an empowering approach.
Your daughter is bright and talented and really awesome, but she can't see it herself.
She has so much to offer the world but she feels like she doesn't measure up to others.
She has room in her life for new friends to inspire and lift her up.
You're noticing that she thinks too much what others think about her rather than listening to her own voice. 

Our Power Circle will help your daughter:

  • Embody her core strengths and values so that she feels confident enough to be authentically herself even in the toughest moments.
  • Improve her communication skills so that she feels more confident expressing how she feels and be honest about what she needs.
  • Gain insight into why teen girls feel so much pressure and empowering her to go with her 'gut' in order to listen to her own voice
  • Develop a critical eye when taking in the negative messages culture sends girls so that she can stay true to herself
  • Take a look at her closest relationships to discover how she can get what she needs
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Thank you for the endless support and advice you give. You are so sweet and thoughtful. You are amazing!



Participation is $250 per month and is paid monthly for 5 months. Easy peasy.


We welcome girls ages 14-17 from all over the world who identify as female. 

Biweekly meetings and ongoing buddy support.

Parents gain access to my Mothering Girls Workshop Series to support the work their daughter's are doing in group. 


We meet biweekly on Zoom or in-person after school on Wednesdays from Sept-Dec.

After signing up you have a 1:1 session where I learn all about you and help you set your goals for our circle.

Then we sync calendars for our meetings and are off to the races!

We are now enrolling for Fall Groups (virtual & local to West Chester, PA)


Support just doesn't stay in our biweekly meetings we are connecting everyday outside of our sessions too! Girls are invited to join me (Hilary) and their new friends on the app Voxer for our group chat to get support after a hard day or celebrate a win right when it happens! 

teen girls support group.jpg
teen girls support group.jpg

I forgot to email you and let you know that she really enjoyed the first meeting and got a lot out of it. Looking forward to the next one!


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Hey there. 

I'm Hilary.

Culture sends conflicting messages to our girls. "You can be anything you want but make sure to be a good girl." "You can have anything you want but don't do it too loudly." "Don't be selfish." "Don't be needy." "Don't be pushy" and Be Nice!".


This leaves girls confused and overwhelmed about how to navigate all of this pressure. And these girls grow into women who are confused. "How do I ask for a raise?" "Am I too needy in this relationship" "I feel bad so I'll just do it". And this just doesn't work for us, we are selling ourselves short when we are out of touch with our inner voice. Because we don't know what it's telling us or how to use it.


Today's girls feel this pressure to be and do it all, on someone else's terms. And our work is to take away the pressure to reach  perfection and put ourselves first. Here we practice listening to our needs and wants. And to express them, unapologetically.

In our circle, you will find girls who are empowering each other. To use their voices. To stop apologizing. To not settle for less than they deserve. Through our circle meetings, individual work and by gaining the knowledge they need to grow into empowered women in this world.

Are you READY to write the next chapter

of your story?


"Thanks for being here for us and being so sweet and understanding to us. You seriously deserve a coach of the year award. You are AMAZING!" 

- Girls Group Member, 14 years old

Live & Bloom Girls know their...






teen girls support group.jpg
teen girls support group.jpg

Why join ourcircle?

Group support is key to helping girls because something we value as females are our relationships with others. But it is through group support that we learn to value and love our relationship with ourselves. There is sooooo much pressure for teen girls today! And what I've learned is that girls look to their peers for validation but you never know what you're going to get from others. It's different in our group. Here we create a safe, sacred space where we all agree on the core values of supporting, lifting up and encouraging each other. There are no mean girls here. Group becomes THE supportive community that helps you feel valued for being exactly who YOU already are.

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