What if everything changed for you today?

This year instead of a resolution, I’m refocusing on my mission.

Sometimes people ask me why I do what I do and my answer always elicits a “wow, that is so needed”.

🔸 My experiences in my own mother-daughter relationships.

🔸 Supporting teen girl after teen girl in my therapy practice who lacked a mother who was grounded in her truth and unwavering support for her daughter.

🔸 The fact that there is so much misinformation circulating about mothers and daughters that they don’t stand a chance of having a healthy relationship.

The truth is that mothers and daughters deserve about 1000% more attention than they receive now.

In 2022 my mission is to reach 100,000 mothers and daughters through education, healing and empowerment.

I’m leading this mother-daughter revolution because we deserve more from our relationship, but in order to do this we have to understand the truth about our dynamics.

When mothers have their own voice they give daughters permission to live life on their terms.

Mothers who reject the pressure to fit in raise daughters who truly know themselves.

When women understand the years of disappointment are a result of being silenced, they can break the patriarchal mold.

This isn't the kind of knowledge and empowerment you get from your local therapist.

If you're ready to never spend another dollar on therapy again, bypass the wait and heal your relationship today.

I am known for helping mothers and daughters who are ready for change in less than three months.

Rebel mothers raise rebel daughters 👊🏽

If this is speaking to you, let's connect.