What I Want for Mother's Day This Year

Recently a designer I follow, Emily Henderson, polled her followers to find out what Moms really wanted for Mother’s Day this year.

The overwhelming response was time alone at home, a night in a hotel, or a trip with girlfriends, where they are not needed by ANYONE.

It's not lost on me that most Moms are dreaming of time alone in a different place after the year we've had!

In fact this past year I implemented quarterly retreats for myself. I go somewhere completely alone and do exactly what I want to do.

So far that's been a few really delicious meals, going in and out of the shops only I want to go in and binging shows until late into the night.

But lately I've been dreaming with a girlfriend lately about getting a house that we can getaway to as needed.

We've chatted about having a little cottage nearby where we could be completely alone.

We would take turns spending time there and enjoying the fact that no one needs us.

It would have beautiful furniture that is always clean and fingerprint free, no shoes or backpacks thrown around!

Maybe a night alone here or there, movie nights with girlfriends, and monthly dinner parties - just the girls.

No need to whisper or be interrupted by kids in pajamas or friendship dilemma's that need to be solved before bed - just peace.

What has become clear to me that as mothers, we don't get enough for ourselves.

When we are always tuning into what everyone else needs, we neglect to tune into our own needs just as much.

The emotional and physical load of being a mother can be so heavy. So let's put that down for a moment and only pick back up the things that are totally essential today.

What can you hand off to someone else?

What doesn't need to be done right now?

Who do you need to lean on and ask for help?

Today I’m asking you to tune into yourself.

Take a moment and ask yourself “What do I really want?”.

Do this now, Mama. Because as soon as you close this email I know you're going to be on to the next thing.

Whether that’s a second home 😆 or a few hours alone to browse your favorite store, be in nature, or closing your bedroom door at 9pm....

You deserve it just because you’re human.

Take care of the woman inside of you who is yearning to come out!