The Power of a Glittler Bottle!

Girls love to focus on those gooey ooze tubes while talking about the hard stuff in sessions. So I thought, why not extend this to home and have girls in group make a glitter bottle to use in moments of high stress?

We talked about how the glitter bottle represents the brain. Each piece of the glitter represents all of the information our Reticular Activating System takes in each second. When the mind is calm and clear, like the unshaken glitter bottle, information is able to pass through to the other parts of the brain. For example, if we need to store or retrieve memories, we can access our hippocampus easily. If we need to solve problems, make connections, or focus and pay attention, information is able to travel to our Prefrontal Cortex where learning happens.

But when the brain is anxious or in a state of stress, the mind becomes just like the shaken glitter bottle. Information is sent to our amygdala, our flight, fight, freeze center, as opposed to where it is needed to go. Like the glitter bottle, our mind becomes cloudy and unclear, information swirls around and its much harder to get it where its supposed to go. The overall message is that when we are upset, we don't always feel like we can think straight. It's the perfect time to insert your coping skills to calm down and return to the problem when you feel ready. Shaking your bottle and watching the glitter settle, is just one way to do this!

I tried a few recipes and this was my favorite version of a glitter bottle:

I used a wide mouthed water bottle that was easy to mix.

Fill the bottle halfway with hot water, add 2-3 Tablespoons of glitter glue, stir until combined.

Next add food coloring and variety of sizes/colors glitter, put the lid on and shake.

Once you have the combination or color and glitter that you prefer, use gorilla glue to seal the top lid tight!

Have fun!