Mother Daughter Summer Activities

Do you have as much fun time with your daughter as you'd like? Summer is a great time to spend quality time with your daughter. You've got more time on your hands and not only can it be difficult to fill that time with wholesome fun, you also have to get your daughter to buy in. I've compiled a list of activities that are great ways to connect, just the two of you. Have more than one daughter? You don't get extra points for doubling up! Make sure to build in one-on-one time with each girl. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- plant a garden together and then nurture it over the summer

- take an exercise class together like zumba and yoga

- plan a family meal together and ask her to help cook, maybe there is a certain part that she is interested in taking over

- volunteer your time together

- take a terrarium workshop at Twig

- explore Storycorps together and make a recording of your own

- make a playlist together and have a dance party

- host a book club

-already part of a book club? Host a mother/daughter version this summer and choose a book that would interest your daughters (summer reading, anyone?)

- get your fill of teen movies at Bryn Mawr Film Institute's high school film series

- take a self-defense class together

- share her favorite family recipe and make it together

- have a movie night - take turns choosing your favorites to share with each other

- redecorate or simply rearrange the furniture in her room together, let her choose and direct as much as possible!

- go strawberry picking then snack together on the fresh berries with cream and brown sugar

- reserve a spot at the mommy & me craft workshop at AR Malvern

- ask your daughter what she'd like to do, she probably has some great things in mind!

Happy planning!