Mother-Daughter Weekend Retreat

This past weekend I was invited to coach mothers and daughters at their weekend retreat.

I immersed myself in the experience and lived with them in their mansion in the Poconos. I got to know them in group and in quiet moments, assisting them with their relationship struggles privately.

These brave women and girls shared their struggles, dreams and needs for their relationships with each other.

They allowed themselves to be vulnerable and supported by the circle of women/girls who surrounded them.

I watched them bond through tears, so much laughter and aha moments.

After eight workshops apart, the mothers and daughters joined together on Sunday morning to share what they learned.

My favorite moment? When the mothers and daughter stood across from each other. New mom friends on one side and teen girls on the other ready to bravely share with their mothers. The girls were asked to share something they wanted their mothers to understand about them…and the tears flowed.

One wanted to be heard, one wanted to respect her mother’s privacy and have her own respected, another girl wanted her mother to understand how she will always be there for her and take care of her when she is older, and yet another told her mother how much she cared about her and listed the seven qualities she admired most…then mom gave her the biggest hug and I love you in return. Something I hadn’t witnessed those two share throughout the entire experience.

I think I got as much out of this experience of being welcomed into their families as much as they did in understanding their relationship and what they will change. They all left feeling uplifted, supported and ready to be their best selves.

I've always encourage mothers to have time alone with their daughters and even taking yearly trips away. Giving mothers and daughters this beautiful experience and opportunity to learn about each other, listen and understand each other and

Picture this...

- a beautiful location in nature (woods, beach, mountains...)

- luxurious accommodations

- delicious picnic lunches, sit down dinners and breakfast buffets

- time to unplug, relax and feel uplifted

- fun mother-daughter activities to strengthen your bond

- yoga, art, massages, and music

- a circle of women that you will feel totally aligned with

- a circle of girls gathering in support of one another

If this sounds like you, put your name on the interest list to be the first to know the details!

Image from The Londoner Blog