Learning *how* to do it differently

This past weekend we welcomed adorable, loving Teddy into our home. He was in need of a foster home and who could say no to this face?

The kids are crazy about him.

My husband wants to keep him.

And I’m feeling unsure.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this bundle of joy too buuuuut I’m hesitant to dive back into being a dog owner full time. Especially a puppy dog owner.

Here’s the back story:

I got my first dog when I was 25. I moved out on my own and couldn’t wait to have my own dog. Growing up we weren’t allowed to have a dog (I totally get this now, Mom) so I was practically exploding with anticipation when I could make this call for myself.

My beloved Riley came to live with me at 4 months old and I quickly realized what I was in for. He was anxious and jumpy, had separation anxiety, he peed and pooped wherever he pleased, he broke through crates and didn’t play well with others. As you can imagine, this limited us but I just learned to live with it… because he was just the most adorable, loving and loyal creature on the planet.

So this time around I want to do it differently. My natural inclination is to just do the opposite of what I did before - train him.

But I also know that just doing the exact opposite of what was done before isn’t necessarily going to work either. After all, doing it differently doesn’t mean I know how to train properly.

It means I need support. Hiring a professional, taking classes and talking to experienced dog owners who can help me.

This experience reminds me of the mothers I talk to that didn’t want their daughters to experience what they did. So they just do the opposite. And they hope it works.

But really, a wish and a prayer are NOT going to create real lasting change. Especially in our relationships. We have to learn HOW to do it differently.

Get yourself a guide because we can’t just wing it when it comes to our relationships (or our puppies).

Ready to turn your relationship around? Let’s get you on the right track to feeling heard, understood and loved by each other.

We’ve got this.