It's time to learn, Mama

I am beyond excited to share that I am the founding faculty member at Mother-Daughter Coaching International and will be teaching mothers and daughters understand and feel empowered by their mother-daughter relationship.

Honored and humbled to be invited to teach my mentor's work is an understatement, because finding Rosjke’s work felt like coming home. Growing up with two sisters meant that I experienced parts of three mother-daughter relationships. Now as I raise a girl myself, I feel both fulfilled and challenged by my mother-daughter relationships every day.

Rosjke’s model has been the perfect culmination of my work as a Feminist, Child and Family Therapist and Teen Girls Life Coach. In all my years of college and graduate school, the mother-daughter relationship was overlooked and undervalued, which I feel, mimics the role of women in society. I am passionate about this work as it gives a voice to the many issues we deal with as mothers and daughters, providing much needed solutions to the challenges that we face with each other and within our patriarchal culture. I am particularly passionate about supporting teen girls and their mothers because during my teen years, I felt a huge divide with my mother and always desired to understand it.

I had a sense that it was bigger than the two of us and it was. This experience motivated me to work on my own relationship with my mother and gain a better understanding of all the women in my family, while sharing my knowledge and experience to support mothers with their own daughters. Feeling this struggle first hand allows me to help my clients with a deep sense of empathy and knowing, as I give them the solutions to their relationship.

I am delighted and honored to be a founding teaching faculty member of Mother-Daughter Coaching International and extend my support to mothers and daughters across the globe as they grow in their relationships.