"I wanted to succeed in a man's world"

I've heard some amazing stories this month, of strength, rebellion, accomplishment.

As well as ones of suppression and heartache.

When I work with mothers and daughters we spend time listening to the stories of the women in their family.

We do this because there is much to be pulled forward as well as understood from the women who came before us.

Today I wanted to share with some of these examples so you can reflect on the women in your motherline as well.

Some of these stories include:

- escaping war and bringing her family to safety through her OWN determination and bravery

- leaving homes ridden with alcoholism and poverty to put herself through college and become a CIA agent

- living the life her father wanted for her even though she dreamed much bigger. And as a grandmother sharing stories about what she wished she had done

-putting herself through college to pursue a career in finance to learn that as a woman she would only be hired to work as an administrative assistant

-Graduating high school as valedictorian in 1945 but being asked to let the MALE runner up have the title because "he needed it more"

These are the stories that really FIRE ME UP.

And this struggle is woven into the fabric of each of our stories.

Women could not pursue their dreams because they lived in a patriarchal society.

When speaking about her struggles building a career in the 1960's as a young woman, one client said, "I was trying to succeed in a man's world".

It is a part of every woman's story, how her choices and future were not always her own.

They were expected to be able to do it all - be a wife, mother and give endlessly to everyone else.

I might question how far we have come today in 2021.

How much have we really learned from the women who sacrificed before us?

This is why it's KEY to remember the stories of the women in our family, there is more work to do.

But don't just let those stories lie in the back of your mind, SHARE THEM.

With anyone who will listen but especially the next generation.

Ask your mother to fill in the blanks for you and prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

We've come a long way, our stories deserve to be heard and learned from.