I Learned it From My Mother

Updated: May 4, 2021

Live & Bloom represents all of us as mothers and our beautifully diverse collective of girls.

Our girls are loved, heard, and seen as herself.

And we aren’t just talking about it, we are being about it!

Our work here is to support mothers in confidently and successfully raise their girls to become themselves. ​

Because the way I see it, we all have a hand in raising the next generation of women.

Imagine if adolescent girls didn’t have to change themselves to fit in and feel seen?

We would have a generation of women knowing themselves from the inside out. ​

Women would know how to see themselves from within themselves.

They would filter cultural messages through a critical lens of “Is this in line with who I know myself to be?”.

And I have something to share with you.

This begins at home with each and every one of us, Mama.

Because who we are as women comes from what we learned from our mothers.

🚺 When we see ourselves, like really see ourselves, then our daughters will know how to see themselves as well. ​

🚺 When we see ourselves as humans first, our girls feel freedom in their choices.

🚺 When we challenge gender roles and how they impact our voice, power and identity, we teach our daughters to be her truest self.

🚺 When we feel loved, accepted and appreciated our girls grow up.

This work is for us and our girls.