I get it from my Mama

You may know this by now but I love decorating and entertaining. The planning, looking forward to and arranging of it all are my absolute favorites.

Where did I get this talent from?

My mother.

I grew up watching her make every occasion a special one, curating ideas weeks ahead and lingering at the dining room table as she created the entire vision. Not only is it a natural talent but it is a part of her that is all hers. She brought this talent to her mothering. My sisters (I'm in the middle) and I grew up watching her make every occasion a special and beautiful one. I still remember the cabinets full of Victoria and Country Living magazines in our basement, it felt like a goldmine of beauty and I loved reading through them, dreaming about my future home.

Fast forward to my grad school years, I was renting a little house with my boyfriend at the time in our college town. What a dream, the tiniest little place, with a front porch AND a backyard. I moved in with my stack of country living magazines and got to work.

I was so proud of my place that I wanted to host my Mom’s 56th birthday. She had never had a proper birthday party (hosted by her family anyway) and could finally give her one. My sisters and I got to work planning a surprise birthday party. We invited her best friends, put up the lighting, borrowed the furniture and ordered her favorite cake. We were beyond excited to finally host her with a special night as she had done for us our entire lives.

I still remember us dancing around my tiny kitchen while we made her sangria recipe and arranged the bouquets. It all came together for me that night. My mother didn’t ask for much but she deserved everything. And it was finally her turn. Celebrating my mother was more than just another year gone by, it was a proper thank you for the sacrifice, teaching, generosity and love she had offered us our whole lives.

And of course, for giving all three of us the love of entertaining 🥰

What talent of yours do you have your mother to thank for?