The Mothering Girls Course


Do you sometimes wish the teen years came with a how-to guide?

Do you struggle to set appropriate boundaries while protecting your relationship with your daughter?

Do you worry about all of the pressure your daughter feels and stress she is under as a teen in today's world?

Do you just want off of the emotional roller coaster with your daughter?

Do you feel like mothers and daughters are set up for conflict and this is just something to be accepted?


It does not have to be this way, Mama.

You want an easy, close relationship with your daughter.

You want her to feel understood and loved.
You want her to feel safe coming to you when something is up in her life.
You want to have the confidence as a mother to set boundaries while also giving her space to grow.
You want to raise an empowered young woman who knows her worth in the world, and loves herself unconditionally.
You want a relationship built on love and connection.
What’s the best way to create that in your life?
Get support for you as a woman and mom.

Your mothering village is here.


The Mothering Girls Course will help you:

Understand your daughter’s needs so that she feels heard, understood and loved by you everyday. 

Be the safety net that your daughter needs to keep her safe and coming back to you throughout her teen years.

Feel calm and connected to your daughter because your close relationship starts with you, Mama. You’re going to learn exactly how to respond to your daughter so your her emotions don’t get the best of you.

Step into your confident mothering role by learning how to become the “Alpha Mother” move past resistance and set boundaries like a pro.

Show up on full by nurturing yourself and filling your cup first. 

Six Modules

Six modules with thirty two lessons that walk you step by step to your strong, connected mother-daughter relationship.

Actionable Steps

Modules include tools you immediately put into practice and keep in your mothering toolbox for those tricky moments.

Lifetime Access

This course is yours forever. You even have access to future additions and bonuses at no extra cost to you.

"Starting to come out of her shell again"

“I just wanted to give you an update, that (my daughter) is starting to come out of her “shell” again here at home. She’s not locked in her room 24/7, she’s interacting more with the family and we’ve even had a few good laughs. Thanks for all your help!!”


- Aubrey, mother of 14 year old girl

"She hasn't been getting mad so quickly"

"My husband said to me this morning: 'Wow! Marley's attitude has changed dramatically recently! She hasn't been getting so mad so quickly (he gave examples). She has really been sweet!' Me....grinning and patting myself on the back! haha! 😉 I have done well with connect before I direct (with both kids) and responding with calm! As well as giving her more alone time! So much good stuff after only one week! I am so excited for the next 6 weeks!! Thank you Hilary!"


- Nikki, mother of 13 year old girl


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Whether you’re here to prepare for the teen years coming ahead or because you need support for the situation you have on your hands right now, together we will transform your relationship with your daughter and with yourself.

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Hi Mama, I'm Hilary

Culture tells us the teen years are supposed to be hard, but research shows us that a strong bond is possible and will keep you connected to each other. Together our goal is doing just that – helping you understand your daughter and keeping your bond strong, even and especially through the teen years.

My work with hundreds of girls has shown me that your daughters both crave and need a close relationship with you. A missing piece in my work with girls is having their mother in the room to do work own work. The Mothering Girls Course was born of necessity. Needing to get mothers back in the room. This course is all my greatest parenting knowledge combined with my mother-daughter learning experience. Providing you with a comprehensive program to teach you the skills needed to understand, connect while mothering your daughter with confidence and taking care of you.

Inside you will also find the support of Mothers who are  getting up each morning sometimes feeling motivated and energized to fill their mothering role and other days feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and worried. Bring all your emotions, struggles and challenges to us and we will wrap our virtual arms around you. Reminding you to fill your tank first, provide words of wisdom or simply a place to feel seen and heard. 


Mothers are people first, we will make sure you are nurturing your own heart while supporting you in raising your daughter to grow into the woman she was meant to be.