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Imagine knowing exactly what to say to feel heard and respected within your family.

Or creating change in your relationship with your mom/daughter by doing LESS than you're doing now.

That’s exactly what I want for you, beautiful.

As mothers and daughters we crave to be seen by each other...

As a daughter it's imperative to understand the circumstances under which your mother parented in order to know her heart. 

When mothers can listen to daughters and truly acknowledge her pain,  healing can happen.

It's time for you to say,

"She hears me, she sees me and she knows me."


Join women from around the world to

put the pieces of your relationship back together

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I'm Hilary

Unofficial details:

🔸 I have a curious and kind 6 yo daughter and silly and sweet 4 yo boy
🔸Couldn't live without my coffee and chocolate
🔸I'm the middle of three sisters and surrounded by mother-daughter relationships my entire life 
🔸 My superpower is knowing which paint color to choose, where to place the sofa and how to create a beautiful tablescape (that counts, right?)
🔸 I will not apologize for loving Netflix. And reality TV. And Hallmark Christmas movies. Give me the feel good stuff and I'm all. over. it.

Official info about me:

🔸 Master's Degree in Counseling
🔸Certified Mother-Daughter Coach
🔸Certified Teen Wisdom Coach
🔸 Family & Child Therapist for thirteen years with a focus on adolescent girls 
🔸 My very first Power Circle was in 2010
🔸 Coached and counseled 100's of mothers and daughters across the globe since my baby girl years as a therapist. (I was a practicing therapist at 26 years old!). So yup, I've been at it for well over a decade

What's included:

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Our high vibe calls will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and confident to take ACTION in your life. Classes are a combination of education and support. Engage in conversations with mothers and daughters across the globe, quickly learning that we all experience the same themes no matter our generation or location. 

Full access to our library of resources immediately upon joining. After learning the exact breakdown in your relationship, it's time for support in our weekly calls to help you process and create a path forward.

support FoR women 
Our circle is created for women ages 18+ who wish to understand their mother-daughter dynamic. You will understand what harms and heals your bond, the themes and patterns in your motherline, and how to accept generational differences between you.

✨ four months of growth ✨

Joining mothers and daughters from across the globe who will make you feel understood, validated and like you're not alone in the stress you feel as a mother or daughter.

What past clients are saying...

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Imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Be your daughter’s #1 confidante — you know, the one who flies into your room to talk about the cute guy in school who passed her a note

  • Hear your daughter say “I can tell my Mom anything” — and really mean it

  • Dive head-first into the loving, supportive mother-daughter relationship you’ve always wished for

  • Tell me, “OMG I enjoy my relationship with my daughter now!".

  • Have this be the year people tell you, “Your daughter is so wonderful!" and for you to agree. Like realllly agree.

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Who is the circle for?

Women who are mothers or daughters aged 18+. From anywhere and everywhere 

"I'm not sure I can invest in myself right now."

Only you know your schedule and how much more you can take on but I will say this...Our circle is meant to be supportive, a warm and accepting group of women to turn to when life is getting overwhelming. And if I've done my job right you will soon OWN the importance of investing in yourself, understanding that when your needs are met you have more for everyone else.

As a result of our work together, my clients have taken action in their own lives by enrolling in college classes, booking solo retreats, scheduling regular girls night out, practicing daily meditation and starting book clubs. When is it the right time to make yourself a priority?

"Will this help me?"

We tend to think our situations are so unique and complicated but the truth is we are connected through our joint experience of being daughters. Some of us with also be mothers and experience this relationship from both ends. We bring our lived experience, the openness to learn and support others with the knowledge of what's worked for us. Some women will join us deep in crisis, some are joining in order to heal their bond, while others are joining to simply learn and improve their situation. We become a cohesive group of beautiful women learning and growing together. So yes, this will help you.

is this for you?