Are you ready?

It's time to have the hard conversations in the softest space. Whether that is being guided as you mother your girl in a beautiful, knowing way. A way that protects your relationship through the teen years and beyond. Or healing the pain you hold with your mother, I am here for you. Choose the kind of guidance that feels right for you and you'll reserve a spot all your own right on my calendar.

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One day a client said "If only we had Hilary whispering in our ears..." and the rest is history. Sometimes what we need is a knowledgeable cheerleader right by our side coaching us through our mothering approach. You have access to me everyday to ask your questions, recieve guidance and work towards your ultimate goals for yourself, your daughter and your relationship. You'll be amazed how much we can accomplish in a matter of days. Come into my world for one month or one year, it's a bespoke plan created just for you. 

Investment begins at $1500

Come along with me.

We are expanding in one beautiful morning.

We are having fun, connecting and healing on a weekend getaway.

We are identifying breakdowns, releasing pain and writing the next chapter in your mother-daughter story.

No more sitting on your therapist's couch week after week and wondering if it's all working.

No more triggers, frustration or suffering in silence. 

No blame. 

No shame.

Only love. 


Reserve your spot at our next annual mother-daughter retreat where we pay homage to your past and celebrate your future. Through delicious food, nurturing activities and inspiring experiences, you are invited to celebrate the beauty and power of the mother-daughter relationship. Women finding and using their voice, embracing their feminine power and living a life like never before.

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This is where college aged women come for lifelong confidence and the perseverance to overcome what may come as they grow into into a woman. Small, virtual groups provide the kind of support we all needed as we were finding ourselves. Biweekly get togethers, a 1:1 with Hilary and ongoing supportive group chat throughout the semester. Vulnerability, sincerity 

and accountability from your team. This is the kind of peace of mind parents crave when their daughters go off to college.

Fall 2022 semester $1750

I’m Hilary,the leading expert on healing mothers & daughters

I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers and daughters to help them understand their breakdown and heal their past to release the guilt, anger and sadness they carry. 

After guiding close to one thousand women, I've become known for helping mothers and daughters who not only can get along but know exactly why they’ve struggled and have forged a new path forward. Choosing between burying the pain or spending years in therapy is no longer the only way.


Here is where love grows. Here we gift you a relationship that matches every other area of your life.  Here you enjoy beautiful, loving experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Here we bid farewell to surface conversation, ignoring the pain and battles. Here we invite connection, conversation and a deep well of love from which you will draw for years to come.

Working with some of the most ambitious and successful women on the planet, my clients don't just settle for surface level relationships. They want AWESOME. They want FULFILLING. They are driven to leave an IMPACT on the world and a LEGACY that means everything to their children. 

My clients learn to use their BOLD voices to create MEANINGFUL transformations and DISRUPT the status quo in their relationships. They’re the rebels. The changemakers. The ones who will let their guard down to heal their hearts.


If you are absolutely ready to have your most aligned and loving relationship with your mother or daughter, you are in the right place. No more questions, only answers from here.

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Results that can be expected​:

  • Spending time together doing nothing other than being yourself.

  • Blame and guilt released.

  • Trusting your gut instinct and feeling empowered to do so.

  • Protecting your bond as you move through life's milestones.

  • Loving the time you get to connect.

  • Being able to freely speak your mind without fear of judgement.

  • Having a deep, confident knowing of how to mother your daughter.

  • Savoring holidays together.

  • Releasing the pain of the past and navigating life from the same page.

  • Daughters turning to mothers for support, knowing its only love.

  • Partners and siblings freed from mediator position.

  • Hurtful mother-daughter patterns released.

  • No more judgement of life choices.

  • More peace of mind and higher quality sleep.

  • Freedom to just be yourself.

  • Building the kind of confidence that becomes your most precious family heirloom.


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Mary, mother of two daughters

"It's a dream relationship. Everything I wished for myself and beyond."

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El, age 27

"You all have helped me realize what I wanted to believe about myself which is that the space I'm taking up is not enough."


Emily, age 18

"Being able to relate to girls is so nice. I learned how to empower myself to go with my gut and stay true to myself."

mother tween daughter

Laura, mother of 18 yr old daughter

"I know we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t worked with you. She’ll be my daughter as long as I’m alive and I’ll be her mother forever, it’s definitely worth the investment."