A luxury travel experience specifically designed to nurture the sacred relationship between mothers and daughters.

Heirloom Experience

Whether it's Venice, Sonoma or London, luxury travel and the details you desire are tailor-made for you.

But rather than the standard cooking class, walking tour or even sailing aboard that private yacht, when you weave in learning about YOUR history and having your heart taken care of, your experience is enriched.

Your sea adventure is experienced through new eyes.

Your cooking class has been infused with fun and laughter.

Your walking history tour is heard through more empathetic ears as you've just learned your own history and how it connects to you today.

Everything tastes and feels better when you choose to take your relationship with your mother or daughter to the next level.

Your Next Level Relationship

What does it look like to take your relationship to the next level? I'd love to tell you.

A level where you understand each other's hearts in a way that makes you feel loved beyond measure. This is how women navigate life from a place of fulfillment.

A level where a true woman to woman friendship has been formed without the distraction of college classes, careers or child care.

A level where you've both released any pressure you feel to be and do it all for everyone else.

In my world you explore the corners of the earth you've always wanted to touch, immersing yourself into the culture, food, history AND your very relationship. 

No longer are you taking a "mother-daughter getaway" that simply means you have the massage lying side by side and enjoy the sights before retiring to your separate rooms.

My mother-daughter experiences touch your soul and bond you in a way you've never felt before with future generations of daughters feeling the impact.

My heart sees yours and when you feel so safely taken care of you'll share things you've never before. When you share what's on your heart, you invite the most elevated version of your relationship to emerge.

Unleash your heart and prepare to have every need taken care of.

I love creating beautiful experiences for women to make them feel loved while having their every need taken care of.

The food, the soundtrack, the luxury linens, the events, the thoughtful gifts, the speciality coaches, the conversations, the beautiful surprises…all chosen with their growth, love, connection and relationship in mind.


If I feel inspired by it, it is woven into your experience. We all deserve to savor life, with travel, luxury and expanding our relationships in beauty.

This mother-daughter experience invites you to...

  • Understand the patterns in your family's mother-daughter relationships.

  • Take your 'close' relationship to a whole new level.

  • Understand how empathy and listening plays a vital role in how you feel loved by each other.

  • Learn how to stay close through all of life's future stages.

Belmond Tuscany Heirloom Mother-Daughter Experience.jpg
Now let's plan an experience future generations of daughters will know changed the course of women in your family.
Hilary Truong Mother-Daughter Heirloom Experiences.jpg

The Hilary Mae way:

A beautifully curated setting with delicious food and activities that nurture your body and soul.


Not only can you expect the plushest bedding, fresh flowers by your bedside and relaxation in nature, but you will feel nurtured from beginning to end.


My magic is in weaving the empowering thread that connects us as women. My heart sees yours and love envelopes you from all sides.


My personal team provides the utmost care; world renowned coaches, private chef and chaffeur. Bring yourself and an open mind, I'll take care of the rest. 

Your next luxury travel experience has just been born.

For Travel Professionals:

partner with select luxury travel professionals seeking unique experiences for their clientele. My guided mother-daughter experiences are a world's first, transformational bespoke experiences personalized to meet each mother-daughter couple's needs. Hearts will be opened, lives will be changed, all while savoring the beautiful trip you've carefully curated for them. 


Travel is no longer simply the trip, it is an experience that will fulfill, heal and transform them for a lifetime and beyond. Connect here to inquire about deeply bonding mother-daughter experiences with me to your client's itinerary.