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Opening hearts and minds for future generations.

At Hilary Mae Co. our vision is to CHANGE THE WORLD.

We believe we all have the power to rewrite our own story.

We believe in a world where girls know and embrace their true selves. Without question.

We believe in a world where mothers reject the pressure to be and do it all.

We believe in a world where daughters feel heard and accepted for being true to themselves.

We wholly support female empowerment, freedom and inclusivity.

We are empaths, listeners and doers.

We hold hope, heal hearts and change lives.

We make relationship dreams come true.

Hilary Truong is the leading expert on healing mother-daughter relationships. When she realized she was helping girl after girl in her private therapy practice struggle with her well intentioned mother she knew that was the real problem that she was meant to solve. As a human who does not settle for the status quo, Hilary was on a mission to learn the intricacies of the mother-daughter dynamics to stop mothers and teen daughters from accepting that their relationship was meant to be hard. She found the answers through research, education and training, learning from pioneers of the feminist movement who also felt that adolescent girls are meant for more. Now Hilary offers the most loving experiences so mothers and daughters feel held while they take their relationship to the next level.

A note from Hilary

I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers and daughters to help them understand their breakdown and heal their pain to create a relationship they truly love. My clients are peacefully spending holidays together, enjoying their grandchildren again, looking forward to their next visit or phone call and navigating life together from a place of understanding.

I’ve become known for helping mothers and daughters who not only can get along but know exactly why they’ve struggled and have forged a new path forward. No more week after week in the therapist’s office for years on end. We get your relationship turned around in three months. If you follow what I tell you, you will have the best relationship you've ever had.

Working with some of the most driven and successful women on the planet, my clients don't just settle for OK. They want AWESOME. They want FULFILLING. They want AMAZING when it comes to their mother or daughter. When they come to me they are often so tired and verging on hopeless after struggling on their own. I specialize in helping women bring love and joy to the forefront to become an unstoppable mother-daughter team moving through life on their terms.


My clients learn to use their BRAVE voices to create MEANINGFUL transformations and DISRUPT the status quo in their relationships. They’re the heroes. The changemakers. The ones who will let their guard down to heal their hearts.


If you are absolutely ready to have your most aligned, fulfilling and loving relationship with your mother or daughter, you are in the right place. 

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Hilary is best in the world at uncovering love, understanding and empathy to create the most delicious dialogue that will serve generations of daughters.
This is where the women's stories are told.

"As soon as I met Hilary, her passion for helping mothers and daughters heal their relationship and strengthen their bond was immediately evident. The more I got to know Hilary, the more impressed I became with her depth of understanding and professionalism."