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Holiday Healing

release the pressure and enjoy the holidays together

it's time to take your holidays from just surviving to thriving

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Presented by Hilary Truong,
Founder & CEO of Hilary Mae Co.

Hilary Mae Co. has grown from local therapy practice to global coaching brand that serves mothers and daughters through healing transformation, education, & community. With over 15 years experience owning her own private therapy practice, Hilary has extracted the most potent pieces of her therapeutic approach to heal mothers and daughters well and fast through life changing coaching sessions. She has changed the lives of hundreds of mothers and daughters across the globe.

In one morning you will release what is holding you back in your mother-daughter relationship.


We can rely on the holidays rolling around multiple times each year - this year we're doing it differently because you're showing up as your fully aligned self.

My clients have created holidays on their terms to savor the time with their mother or daughter and stop trying to just manage the pain.


We are done spending week after week on the therapy coach trying to get to the root of the problem.


You do not need a plan to cope with the triggers that the holidays bring up in your relationship with your mother or daughter. You need the ANSWER.


At Hilary Mae Co. we are changing the way we experience our mother-daughter relationship.


This is a life changing session that will change your dynamic forever.

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